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Football West News

Friday, November 17, 2017 FOOTBALL STILL NUMBER ONE SPORT IN WA   Just hours after the Caltex Socceroos qualified for a fourth successive FIFA World Cup, football claimed victory off the pitch, too, as Australia’s number one team sport. And the latest

Christmas Event!

As you all know, Christmas is near and seeing as La Fiamma is its own family, we will be hosting Christmas Sundowner drinks on Friday the 2nd of December. Everyone is welcome so spread the word! Starts at 5-30 with Live entertainment starting around 6. Ho

Results of the 2016/17 AGM

A fairly good turnout attended the 2016/17 AGM. This allowed the standing committee to step down with a good knowledge that the positions would be filled by some new blood to fill the holes left by those stepping down. Among those stepping down was Belind

La Fiamma narrowly avoids relegation!

Its a tough gig for the Perth amateur league players of La Fiamma. They travel over 12,000kms per season and the away games this year were vital in trying to stay up. Unfortunately it came down to the final game of the season and it was completely out of

La Fiamma now has its own youtube Channel!

We are now entering the online age with a flurry of activity! Anyone with any footage of any games is asked to please submit it to us so we can load it onto the site. As you can see we have a few good edits already thanks to Darien Anderson! Lets build th

Social 7 Aside Competition

The Lafiamma 7 aside comp is fast approaching! As usual there will only be a limited amount of teams allowed. Teams from last year you will be contacted in the next few months. But otherwise stay posted by following us on Facebook! The link is at the bot

La Fiamma finally gets its long awaited Website upgrade!

La Fiamma finally has its new website online! Over the next few weeks you will start to see new content and pics from the history vault. Old news articles followed by present day news! Keep trying the new links and let us know in a few weeks if anything i

Hiding Some La Fiamma History Away?

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